Blue Crystal Beach Resort

Blue Crystal Beach Resort is a family and scuba diving hotel resort in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, the Philippines
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 What guests say about Blue Crystal Beach Resort

" We liked the hospitality and food was also so yummy. Especially the tomato soup, the chef prepared for us that was so nice, and the new year celebration was also so nice. We enjoyed a lot at Blue Crystal Beach Resort".

P.S. D. - 2 January 2011

" We enjoyed our stay a lot. Staff was very friendly, the food service great, and the food was excellent! Wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope to see you soon....

Jonathan, Elisa & Melisa- 2 January 2011

A very happy break. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff. Happy New Year to all!

Captain J. P. - 1 January 2011

Realebua, Dank je, Thank you, salamat...For all the good service you guys gave to us, we all enjoyed staying here in Blue Crystal Beach Resort. We hope to see you guys again as soon as possible. And because of the good service of all your staff I'll highly recommend your resort to all of our relatives and friends. Once again, thank you so much. for everything. Sarap ng Chicken Cordon Blue.

E. van Z. - 30 December 2010

"Thank You all for wonderful stay. We all enjoy our stay.

The S. Family - 30 December 2010

Thank you to all the staff at Blue Crystal Beach Resort for providing our family with a five star hospitality service. I can truly say that everyone was at our back and call to help us with what we needed. The accommodation is perfect and very clean and the mini-bar was very handy specially for the younger people in our party. We stayed at Blue Crystal Beach Resort 10 years ago and the hotel only grows stronger and we would look to stay here again when we return to Philippines. Thank you very much!!!!

The B. and H. Family.- 29 December 2010

Compared to the places we've been to (resorts) in the Philippines, the Blue Crystal Staff is " Perfect ". The place itself might not be perfect but the staff make it close to perfect. It makes ones stay comfortable and not having bad mood. Good to have a staff that have a quick response to a simple trouble. We have a great stay and if there's a chance we're going back, Blue Crystal shall be our first choice and lastly, your homepage certainly didn't lie!

From Y. Family
- Japan - 30 December 2010

Dear Blue Crystal,

The place is cozy, the view is so nice and the staff is so friendly and accommodating. This is very good place to relax. We had a wonderful stay....Thank you and happy holidays!!!!

From the C. Family.- 26 December 2010

" A very enjoyable stay at Blue Crystal Beach Resort. I will highly recommend to stay here to our friends back in Australia. We found the staff very friendly and helped us at all time. Thank you to all the staff at Blue Crystal Beach Resort. We will be back...Happy Christmas!

M, L. and B.- 24 December 2010

We have enjoyed staying at Blue Crystal. The rooms are fantastic, the food and service was great. I loved the design of the buildings.

 24 December 2010

Thank you for the nice and private place. We really enjoy our stay here.
Place is really good and rooms are totally awesome. People are kind and soft spoken as well.....

Cahl M. & Rai M.-Dubai, UAE - 23 December 2010

   " You got a wonderful place, calm and quite. We can tell to friends and recommend Blue Crystal but we need to deal with that you should give us discount when we come back here....hahaha...I'm just kidding! To tell you the truth I think I really enjoyed myself for everything like eating, playing billiard and the most of all singing in karaoke. And my husband, he really appreciate the whole place, I mean the Island. We thank you all for everything, good service being hospitable and friendly people. We enjoy our honeymoon here in Blue Crystal
Beach Resort. We'll see you again...Good Luck and more powers to all...

Vince and Marina P.  23 December 2010

Thank you for everything. You truly made our stay memorable and we enjoyed every minute of it. The food was good, , the activities were exciting
(beautiful snorkeling) and the BCBR staff was friendly and professional.

Linda  24 December 2010

Thank you for an enjoyable visit! Its a very nice place to relax on, the site is very nice. The food here was really good. Maybe you can have
our daughter's specialty, marmalade and ham sandwich? Your activities were fun, the
staff was great! If we're coming back to Puerto Galera we'll be staying here!
Thank you for everything!  

The expate Swedish

Rina and Linus 24 December 2010

Thanks for wonderful service, people here are hospitable, fun to be with. Place is relaxing like paradise and clean surroundings, nice food.
Good cook. Nice to be back again. See you soon. -Bjorn, Gwen, Vicki and Gina - Sweden.
24 December 2010

" Great weekend, thanks for the accommodation, great staff, friendly, and nice..."

-Jeng  - 19 December 2010

" It was wonderful to stay in this resort. We had a great days, the food lekker ( we hebben lekker gegeten) means we love the food, it was delicious.
Thanks a lot for everything guys, you are all friendly and very nice people. We enjoyed staying here, hope to see you all again in this resort. Keep up the
good work guys!!!

Many Thanks,
Chris & Grace L. Antwerpen, Belgium - 24 December 2010

Had an absolutely wonderful time at the resort. The staff is friendly and helpful, always available to cater to your needs. My family and I ( there's 9
adults and 2 kids) is an unanimous that Blue Crystal
 Beach Resort is one of the best, if not the best place to stay in Puerto Galera. They're already
talking about a return trip. Many thanks to Dolores, Roselyn, Michelle and the rest of the staff.


JR. P. and family C., California USA
, 30 November 2010

"It was awesome to stay in this wonderful resort with nice and friendly staff, good service. The place is clean and well manage. we salute the management and the owner of this resort. We will absolutely come back and recommend this
resort to our family and friend.

With our gratitude,

Larry and Willie O.
 25 November 2010

Relaxing place, good food, accommodating people, affordable rates. These are the qualities that a resort must have. And you have all these....PERFECT!!! Thank you very much for the wonderful stay. We'll recommend your resort to our friends... KEEP IT UP!!!!

Ronald, Roel, Rachel  19 November 2010

Thanks for the good service. We enjoyed the food and the people who work here are very hospitable. Keep up the good work....

Mr. Francis A.
17 November 2010

We really enjoyed staying in your Resort. We feel so at home and the service is really great and the food as well. Can't wait to be back again...
Keep up the good work!

Mr. Rhano J. 15 November 2010

We had a great stay here. Awesome place. Perfect place for honeymooners. Hope to get back here. Nice staff..

Russel M.
14 November 2010

Thank you so much for your great friendly service and hospitality. Three days is too short, we will have to stay longer next time. I hope you stay kind and sweet and I will recommend you to anyone I know that will plan a trip here. Having guest looking on site is very nice and affordable.

Ate Angie
My beautiful Filipina

Thanks again!!!
His signature - USA, VA
12 November 2010

This place is perfect! Don't change a thing. You're staff is like family and I'm sure to cry when I leave. I will think of them often. I will surely return ASAP! Thanks to everyone for the great care I was given...Thanks!  

Ted D. 7 November 2010


We have enjoyed staying at Blue Crystal Beach Resort.

The rooms are fantastic, the food and service was great.

I loved the design of the buildings.

Mr. Stanislav S.
Excellent quiet location, 15 minutes out of Sabang. No frills, just quiet. Half way between Sabang and PG, so well located. Staff extremely friendly and helpful. Only 6 rooms, but soon to expand, to approx 10, with restaurant. Very good value if you require peace and tranquility....

Mr. Nick H.
Guest booked by

We just wanted to take the time to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at the Blue Crystal Resort.  It was very relaxing and we hope that we will be able to make it again soon.  The main reason in writing is to tell you what a big help your staff was during our entire time there.  Very accommodating and helpful in every way, every day.  The nice woman who did the housekeeping and helped out was also very much appreciated.  We were so well cared for by all three of them it was definitely the most memorable visit we have had to P.G.  

Mr. Tony C.

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