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Certified Divers Only - FUN DIVES

For single dives including equipment our price is:

 PHP 1,400.00 per person per dive.

For two dives including equipment the price is:

PHP 2,400.00 per person per dive.

Night Dive PHP 1,800.00 including torch

Please, ask us about Multiple Day Dives. We will be happy to provide you will all information and a very attractive rate.

"MAGNIFICENT" VERDE ISLAND - DIVE PACKAGE Located to the north east of Puerto Galera. A 45 minute boat ride, takes you to this great site for deep and multiple dives, with lots of tropical and pelagic fishes.  Crystal clear water and amazing walls - a must see!    

PHP 3,750.00 (min. 3 divers)

Please ask Blue Crystal Dive Center for rates for Multiple Day Dives and Package Prices

All dives are inclusive of guidance from our dive instructor or dive master and boat.

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Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera


Discover Scuba Diving -  3 hours  PHP 3,000.00  Your first diving experience!  The program includes two dives, under strict instructor supervision. The first dive is made to become familiar with the equipment in shallow water. This dove to make you feel comfortable and getting used to actual breathing under water! The second dive -   Reef dive to discover what it is really all about!    

Our courses are according to PADI regulations, which means that in order to get licensed the purchase of a PADI  course book is required. A course book and license application fee cost US$ 70.00 per diver per book and will have to be added to the dive course rates below:

CourseRates:                                                        Scuba Diver

PHP 13,500.00 Duration is 1,5 days

Open Water

PHP 19,500.00 Duration is 3 to 4 days.

Advanced Open Water

PHP 14,000.00 Duration is 2 days

EFR (Emergency First Response)       

PHP 4,000.00 Duration 1 Day

Rescue Diver and Dive Master Rate upon request .



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